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Pastoral Needs for Work in the Catholic Church

Pastoral Needs for Work in the Catholic Church

Peace of Christ

The world economy & technology are rapidly changing. McKinsey forecasted there be 75-375 million job shifts by 2030 due to automation and globalization. One of the charity works we have seen in the world is to accompany and assist a person find or create jobs, regardless of how wealthy they are, for human nature of each individual remains the same. The Church needs to provide different forms of pastoral approach (New Evangelization) for a different subset of economic situations.

This article is a call to serve the Lord & to share knowledge only.


Helping Poor Community

“Where do you see this in the Church?”, one may ask. The work of religious orders and work of mercy are bigger than merely foods, sanitary, hospital, psychology, teaching, jail ministry, or prayers. The Bishop Conference in Indonesia sends a team to help villagers build businesses. The Catholic Relief Services in Florida helps immigrants from Mexico build truck companies.

Social-impact companies like BCorporation focus on using the power of business to address social & environmental issues. This kind of social enterprises may obtain the power to alleviate the poverty in an entire city. Look at Uber & other Economy of Sharing solutions for example, how many people have become more financially stable worldwide thanks to these innovations. We as a Church need to participate in this awesome charity work more deeply and not to let it be done only by others. There might be a pastoral need for young Catholic Entrepreneurs to mitigate the avoidance in engaging a poor/uneducated/dangerous area of the society as their early customer as an act of missionary.


Helping Professional Communities

There is a worldwide hallucination that claims the middle & high-income professionals do not really need help. While it is true that they can buy what they want, what is often overlooked is how many of them feel threatened, lose their jobs, are tempted to power, envy, feel unwanted or foreign, or feel helpless. It is not uncommon to hear that a Catholic Professional could only find someone to talk to amid their suffering from the non-Catholic community.

With the massive job shifts, the current education model in most countries may fail to assist the future generation from maintaining their job. There have been rises of new positions in the last decades like Emotional Intelligence Engineer, Growth Manager, Data Scientist, and others. These rises of these new positions will create new demands in the post-college society to unlearn and relearn new skills. In the Church, we need to step up and help our neighbors learn new skills in a nonconventional way while at the same time alter the education system to ensure the next generation is more agile and flexible to move from one profession to another. Even more important, to be available when they need help.

In a few decades, there will be millions who shift their jobs to entrepreneurship for survivals, especially when the need for inventing technology is declining and more innovative applications are sought. These generations of future entrepreneurs need to learn many basic skills and mindsets that most Catholic schools worldwide have not taken into account yet.


Helping Devoted Catholic Professionals.

Devoted Catholics worldwide whom we talked to, have increasingly shown a similar concern. In the locations where Faith & Social life are separated (mostly in non-Catholic countries), Christian society tends to fall into the trap of either exhausting spiritual activities outside of work or minimizing spiritual activities. It seems like the gravity came due to lack of examples and huge demands from both sides.

In Catholicer we are building an association of new form of Spiritual-Impact Business called the Faith Corporation. This new business type removes the wall between faith and work. So one can truly serve, pray, work, minister God & His Church during working hours.

The responses in Asia & Nothern America so far have been very great, 3 dioceses and many lay individuals in different countries are open to adopting this model. The major positive feedbacks have been about allowing companies to perform spirituality more than mandated by the Church, the ability to enter a lay community inside a corporate setting so they can focus on family after work, the financial benefits that Catholic communities & poor communities will gain where the Faith Corporation operates due to a high commitment of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

May God bless the Church and your family on this Christmas day!