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How Faithpreneur Can Unleash Divine Causes

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In our Catholicer movement, all Faith Corporation founders are considered Faithpreneurs. What is faithpreneur? Though different organizations define it differently, we believe faithpreneur is simply a person who has a Jesus-Centered Vision and try whatever it takes to make it happen.

Impact without God is Sterile

In regular entrepreneurship, a business is to create either an impact or a financial return. On the contrary, as faithpreneurs, we believe success and finance do not follow to the afterlife, so we ask our faithpreneurs to focus on God’s love and evangelization alone. Even if one makes a Steve Jobs or Napoleon size of impacts, they might be sterile of God’s power until a Christian picks it up and offer it to the Lord, take iOS for example.

A great example would be how St. Junipero Serra, for the love of God, taught the Indians how to farm in California. He became the most prominent hero who had California evangelized and brought salvations of many.

Seek first the Kingdom of God 

Salvation and glory come from Jesus alone. His judgment focuses on Charity to others, Sacrifice of self, Obedience to Him, and wholeheartedly Loving Him. St. Therese of Lisieux wrote: “I feel my mission is soon to begin, to make others love God as I do, to teach others my ‘little way.’ I will spend my Heaven doing good upon earth. Likewise, our faithpreneurs look beyond their resurrection and glory that awaits them.”

What is the difference?

Faithpreneur is just like other entrepreneurs, but there are two significant differences. First, their ultimate goal is not success, money, product, or service. Second, their ultimate method is not about efficiency, productivity, or purpose-driven.

Both vision and execution must reflect the love of God and the love of others. Deep personal and communal prayers are required, so a preneur can peacefully proclaim in a faith corporation that “He is our God, and we are His people.”

What resources are available to assist Faithpreneurs?

  1. We usually use an abstraction laddering from early on to help faithpreneurs to focus on the big visions: To love God and to evangelize.
  2. To follow a spirituality of religious communities or saints is very important as they have been tested and bear real fruits. Without humility and obedience to God and His Church, a faithpreneur could end up wasting potential crown in the new Jerusalem, as it may end up creating just another impact, centered on vain glory.
  3. When it comes to morals, hurt, depression, and confusion, entrepreneurs often have a misconception about many things in life. Being humble to adopt St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and friends would be very helpful to attain healing quickly.
  4. When it comes to anxiety, addiction, and control, entrepreneurs often face mental or psychological issues centered around “Fear.” There are psychologists out there who could be of great help, but we also recommend befriending our unconsciousness so we can redirect all fears to Jesus & get healed without a penny.
  5. A community of faithpreneurs like ours or at least those who believe in it are instrumental because unlike a regular entrepreneurial ecosystem out there, faithpreneurship is sometimes worse than lonely and not well supported even among various Catholic circles.
  6. We also help our faithpreneurs to dig into their heart to find their natural passion. There is usually one or two significant issues in their life that have sharply influence their hearts. A good coach could help them move in the right direction.

Catholicer is an entrepreneurial ecosystem for Catholic professionals who would like to unleash their true potential for God’s sake by creating a Faith Corporation ( Catholicer is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Mountain View, California.

Prayer requests are spreading news, raising issues, and spreading loves.

The P2P public intentions recorded on Catholicer Beads prayer app are showing how users are seeking God, maneuvering life struggle, and the stage they are at in life. Things you could not find on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media that have developed rules, walls and distances between users. The beads app is changing the course of technology and creating a new platform of authentic hope.

Lord, hear our prayers. What billions hear every Sunday, each reflects the communication style between God and the faithful in a particular region. Nevertheless, they often reflect the idealistic hope of perfect charity and miss the real individual situation of God’s people in the community.

Do we know what our neighbors really need?

Our short-term project, Catholicer Beads app, is getting various kinds of intentions across the globe for everyone to pray for with the “Tap To Pray” button. The button delivers a promise to offer a Hail Mary, an Our Father, a Glory be, or a Lord have mercy for a particular intention. We’ve learned that most users are posting very honest intentions that contain essential life situation they are willing to share publicly. You can’t ask everyone how they are doing, but for those who are eager to open up, they found Beads to be a safe platform to do so.

From the hope of salvation of people around them, to health recovery and severe depressions. From actual economic situation to an attempt to bypass difficulties and to obtain a lottery. From interceding for the world to a deep reflection of self. One type of petitions we hope to see more is one that gives thanks or honors God without a long reason.

We were interviewed by a university professor at Springfield University and it seems like their study suggests the coming of a new frontier of hopeful digital evangelization. A subject dioceses across the world are starting to explore.

Unlike many apps and websites, the Beads app does not teach; it does not try to change others; it does not try to make money; it merely hopes to be a room of humble prayers. A room many desperately seek in response to their loneliness. A room without judgement that lets fellow sinners be with with God in Spirit.
What prayer requests do you have? Post it to Catholicer Beads!

Catholicer is a Catholic movement that builds a religious community of entrepreneurs to create social enterprises that uphold religious freedom and accommodate Catholic activities inside of the company. Catholicer Beads was a project we did to prototype a FaithTech product that manifests our Spiritual-Centered-Design concept.

Catholic Economy & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Catholic Economy & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Peace of Christ,

From the 8th to 19th Century, the Catholic Church had a privilege to govern their own people in the big peninsula of Italy called Papal State. One of the notable artworks created during the era was a well-known St. Peter Basilica. The Papal State was later shrunk into the small Vatican Hill after the Lateran Treaty of 1929.

One of the large but forgotten impacts was the loss of economic wing in the Catholic Church that results in a new emphasis on pastoral work. Sadly, most countries do not believe in the universal pastoral authority of the Pope like in the old days. This situation has also contributed to the dated fashion of the Catholic World in global innovation, in particular, in technology.

Believe it or not, there are thousands or even million Catholics in the world, who do not know how to apply their professional talents directly for the benefit of the Church, the Body of Christ, as opposed to merely donating or consecrating a job for the Lord in as an intention, not that it is less valuable though. In the last few decades, Computer Engineers did not know how to help the Church for many in Church opposed technology while the only way contributing to the Church is via Catholic communities, parishes, and diocesan hierarchy. Like a Mother, the Church can and should welcome all talents & allow them to participate in New Evangelization in a more tangible way. It is in the act of real missionary, a soul finds their true functional meaning in the Church.

Let’s forget about technology. The world is moving toward entrepreneurship and the Church do not yet have a good support system and space for Entrepreneurs. This will cause the next generation to feel alienated, unwanted, and longing to find meaning in other social communities. The Church needs an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that can set an example for the world economy to witness how Jesus can reign in the life of workers. Let us remember the word of our holy father, St. Francis of Assisi: Preach the gospel all the time, but use words when necessary.

What is an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

To make it short. It is ANYTHING that helps Entrepreneurs achieve their goals. It usually contains incubators, tons of networking, initiatives, discussions and various events among various parties involved.

An entrepreneurial ecosystem or entrepreneurship ecosystem is the social and economic environment affecting the local or regional entrepreneurship. Businesses located within places serving as incubators for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship have a greater chance of success. 


Some good and well-known examples are Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Manhattan, and Tokyo. According to World Economic Forum, there are 8 pillars of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:

  • Accessible Markets
  • Human Capital Workforce
  • Funding & Finance
  • Mentor & Advisor Support System
  • Regulatory Framework & Infrastructure
  • Education & Training
  • Major Universities as Catalysts
  • Cultural Support

Although an entrepreneurial ecosystem might sound like a city that naturally develops, there are many intentional or fabricated one. For an example: a new High-Tech area in Toronto intentionally created by the government to focus on tech startups. Another interesting fact: although it sounds like part of a governmental job to maintain an entrepreneurial ecosystem, most ecosystems are taken care by private sectors, individuals called an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder.

How could this be a Catholic thing?

Let’s recall the goal of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem; It should be to help entrepreneurship strive. There are conditions that transform an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to be a Catholic one.

  1. It just happens to be in a Catholic Location. Ex. Philippines, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Vatican.
  2. It is an intended or fabricated ecosystem with or without a particular location. The goal is to help the Catholic Church in certain areas to create entrepreneurship easier, like:
    1. Missionary area that needs an economy.
    2. An area with tons of Catholic Businesses.
    3. International ecosystem to support global Catholic movement.
    4. Group of people who’d like to create an ethical business environment.

Note: Catholic Business Network, Entrepreneurship Movement like Economy of Communion, Lay Communities, Dioceses, Religious Orders of Networked individuals, and any good relationship with Christian/Secular organizations may contribute to the ecosystem as well.

Catholicer Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

In Catholicer, we help Catholic Professionals build spiritual-impact companies (a spiritual enterprise we call Faith Corporation). To achieve this, a global ecosystem that focuses on both Business & Spirituality is required. We work closely with Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) & a few Venture Capitals to help our entrepreneurs easily build a company on top of a sanctified ecosystem.

In all ecosystems, an incubator plays a very important role, for it is the place with the strongest ecosystem presence. Catholicer also runs Catholicer Space as its incubator. It is meant to bridge Spirituality & Professionality for our Faith Corporation applicant to move forward easily.

A few key efforts that Catholicer builds in its ecosystem are meant to form Faith Corporations:

  • Redefining Corporate Working Hours to include spiritual formation, volunteering hours, social & family time.
  • Redefining Venture Capital to focus on Patience Capital.
  • Redefining Corporate world as a respectful land of Christian Freedom.
  • Redefining relationship between companies to be more like a family that helps each other financially.
  • Allowing a company to adopt Catholic Identity with the guidance of Religious orders and local dioceses.
  • Inviting priests and religious communities to enter the frontline of business without crossing the line of poverty (vow).
  • Focusing on a holistic approach of Spirituality, that contains not only ethics, but also evangelization, mysticism, communion, and charity.
  • Redefining Business as a mean of vocation & evangelization, not to make one rich or successful.
  • Redefining the call of business leaders as a discerner, rather than a leader.
  • Focusing on Christian Economy first, but to serve everyone in goodwill afterward.
  • Applying Spiritual Centered Design to all existing structures and cultures.

May God bless you. Please pray for us.

Pastoral Needs for Work in the Catholic Church

Pastoral Needs for Work in the Catholic Church

Peace of Christ

The world economy & technology are rapidly changing. McKinsey forecasted there be 75-375 million job shifts by 2030 due to automation and globalization. One of the charity works we have seen in the world is to accompany and assist a person find or create jobs, regardless of how wealthy they are, for human nature of each individual remains the same. The Church needs to provide different forms of pastoral approach (New Evangelization) for a different subset of economic situations.

This article is a call to serve the Lord & to share knowledge only.


Helping Poor Community

“Where do you see this in the Church?”, one may ask. The work of religious orders and work of mercy are bigger than merely foods, sanitary, hospital, psychology, teaching, jail ministry, or prayers. The Bishop Conference in Indonesia sends a team to help villagers build businesses. The Catholic Relief Services in Florida helps immigrants from Mexico build truck companies.

Social-impact companies like BCorporation focus on using the power of business to address social & environmental issues. This kind of social enterprises may obtain the power to alleviate the poverty in an entire city. Look at Uber & other Economy of Sharing solutions for example, how many people have become more financially stable worldwide thanks to these innovations. We as a Church need to participate in this awesome charity work more deeply and not to let it be done only by others. There might be a pastoral need for young Catholic Entrepreneurs to mitigate the avoidance in engaging a poor/uneducated/dangerous area of the society as their early customer as an act of missionary.


Helping Professional Communities

There is a worldwide hallucination that claims the middle & high-income professionals do not really need help. While it is true that they can buy what they want, what is often overlooked is how many of them feel threatened, lose their jobs, are tempted to power, envy, feel unwanted or foreign, or feel helpless. It is not uncommon to hear that a Catholic Professional could only find someone to talk to amid their suffering from the non-Catholic community.

With the massive job shifts, the current education model in most countries may fail to assist the future generation from maintaining their job. There have been rises of new positions in the last decades like Emotional Intelligence Engineer, Growth Manager, Data Scientist, and others. These rises of these new positions will create new demands in the post-college society to unlearn and relearn new skills. In the Church, we need to step up and help our neighbors learn new skills in a nonconventional way while at the same time alter the education system to ensure the next generation is more agile and flexible to move from one profession to another. Even more important, to be available when they need help.

In a few decades, there will be millions who shift their jobs to entrepreneurship for survivals, especially when the need for inventing technology is declining and more innovative applications are sought. These generations of future entrepreneurs need to learn many basic skills and mindsets that most Catholic schools worldwide have not taken into account yet.


Helping Devoted Catholic Professionals.

Devoted Catholics worldwide whom we talked to, have increasingly shown a similar concern. In the locations where Faith & Social life are separated (mostly in non-Catholic countries), Christian society tends to fall into the trap of either exhausting spiritual activities outside of work or minimizing spiritual activities. It seems like the gravity came due to lack of examples and huge demands from both sides.

In Catholicer we are building an association of new form of Spiritual-Impact Business called the Faith Corporation. This new business type removes the wall between faith and work. So one can truly serve, pray, work, minister God & His Church during working hours.

The responses in Asia & Nothern America so far have been very great, 3 dioceses and many lay individuals in different countries are open to adopting this model. The major positive feedbacks have been about allowing companies to perform spirituality more than mandated by the Church, the ability to enter a lay community inside a corporate setting so they can focus on family after work, the financial benefits that Catholic communities & poor communities will gain where the Faith Corporation operates due to a high commitment of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

May God bless the Church and your family on this Christmas day!

Multilingual Prayer Rope App – Beads v.2.1

For some of you who haven’t heard about Catholicer. Catholicer is a Californian non profit organization to connect and equip the Catholic faithful throughout the world. We produced a few services & applications, such as Faithbook, Liturgia and a digital prayer “BEADS“. Catholicer also provides tech consultations, website buildings, laser scaning for any legitimate catholic entities approved by the Church.

Today, Catholicer is happily launching BEADS v.2.1 on the AppStore. Catholics can now use the complete prayer rope tools in Indonesian (catholicer team will continue to add more languages) and BEADS now allows users to have a more personalized configuration for their prayers. Those Prayer Audio VoiceSets user recorded with their own voices and submitted, if approved, will be available for all beads users to download worldwide.

Catholicer has got nothing but supports and shocked faces from lay Catholics and priests. They all testify Beads is truly the best App to pray the Rosary available on iOS right now, and it is GROWING. The demand for Beads on Android has also been very enormous. We finally got a few volunteers willing to work for the Android version. Thanks to them and glory to Jesus and Mary.

Let’s help SHARE the words to grow a prayerful community around us, and if you are in the US, contact us today to request free Catholicer Beads coasters.

Beads – your #1 digital prayer rope.
#iPrayWithBeads #catholicer #catholicApp

by Ignatius Darren Gozali – founder of catholicer

No more re-Baptizing between Catholics and Coptic Orthodox

Coptic Oriental Church members and Catholic Church members are not to be re-baptized when converting from one to another ūüėá. A joint declaration was made today at St. Mark Cathedral where ISIS attempted to blow, but did not get through the security check.

Coptic Orthodox Church was founded by St. Mark the Evangelist and is part of Oriental Orthodox Christian

Oriental Orthodox contain a few Churches that split from the Catholic Church post 415 AD Council of Chalcedon over the definition of Christology

Catholicer Beads – iOS App

Happy Easter! Christ is risen


We proudly hand out free prayer-rope iOS app “Catholicer Beads” as a Pascha¬†Gift. It’s designed to help you pray rosaries or other prayers when a prayer rope is not in your possession¬†hand. Check out its interactive features,¬†it makes you feel like you’re using a real prayer rope.

Download Beads from App Store and use it to increase your devotion and prayer life. May our Lady of Fatima bless this app and strengthen any devotion you are in.

Click here to see the app –¬†

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