Trinitarian Activities — Divine Physics

A subset of divine science upon divine contemplation.

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As Aquinas said, Natural Science is below Divine Science, often called Theology. However, the progress of natural science in the last centuries have not been used to help Christians learn about God post-Aquinas, John of the Cross, Bonaventure, and such. Most Catholic Theologies have been surrounded by pure Moral & Faith based on the previous revelation. This article and future articles on divine physics are about a reflection of Jesus within the context of our movement, Catholicer, Missionary through Catholic Enterprise.

The Economy of Trinity

As much as it perplexes everyone and His reality is unreachable other than mysticism by His grace. The work of the three Persons is consistent in my limited ministries and faith experiences. As St. Francis asked the Lord, “Who are Thou, and who am I?” I’ve found this potential answer that works for me.

I want to picture the Trinity in a squished triangle, as it is one, but three bubbling corners are Three Persons. The First, is the expander, the Father. The Second, the Participant, the Son, and the third, the Actor, the Holy Spirit.

The Father has expanded Himself, longing to create space that comes from Him, where an entity lives out of freewill to imitate His own inherent behavior.

The Son occupies, be a single participant of the created space. He reduces Himself to a mere participant. He is the only connection between the Father to any creations.

The Spirit is the actor of the Father, She creates, changes, does anything, reflecting the Father’s nature into a reality. This includes the act of manifesting the Trinity themselves into a form of the participant, the Son.

The Creation

God is God, reality, and entity, but beyond entity, as it is the source of all entities.

As the Father wills it to expand Himself, the Spirit creates the space that is of the Father, which we call the Spiritual Realm. Created participants what we call spiritual beings, or like the angels in a structure that will point everything back to the father. The Son leads all those created participants and is a participant Himself, as we call Him King of heaven. The only entity who is the Trinity Himself, creating a participative government of God in the spiritual realm. The Son is there to represent the Trinity to share Himself, where all participants could enjoy.

Heaven has completed its phase among its participants. The opposers are outcasted, the heaven in the reality of the Father expands as He himself wills it, the material world is created. A different space for which the spiritual participants could as co-governors take actions on behalf of the Father’s reality to imbue the Trinity upon everything in this different world. But the Trinity themselves did exactly what they did.

The Father expands Himself, creating a space where living beings are the participants. The spiritual realm also expands its participation in the world, as the Spirit created in both worlds, both spiritual entities along with their flesh, human. As the actor of creations and any actions of the Father, the Spirit manifests again, dropping the Son into the world, as we know Him by name, Jesus, of Nazareth. While the time has not come to its completion, Jesus will come again and be our King, giving all living beings back our flesh and end with the separation of His flock from those against Him. Just like the end story of the heavenly realm’s participants.

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The Expansion

As much as we of course don’t know, it is hopeful for me to think of the spiritual realm just like in the material world, where God made it to undergo a process, though timeless in our time-space, that participants came after space. The Son entered into participation after the participants came to about. This way, the spiritual realm is as complex as the material world, it has an infinite space where it is irrelevant to the occupancy, yet all created to be a space of creativity, actions, love, where Father dwells, as the holder of all existences. The progressive order of actions: preparing the space, creating spiritual beings, let them rule over the space, then choose to be with the Father, when kingship is enthroned to the Son.

This story probably makes you think I am equating the spiritual way from the material way, which is true. I can see the creation before the Father let the Spirit act to fill the earth with spiritual & material beings (human). It took a process to mature the resources and frameworks to be ready for the upcoming participants to be the god of the space in terms of authority. Yet from the beginning of human existence, the Father has always been with us in the Spirit. The chaos of the early generations is the one that led us to ignore and sadden the Spirit. I want to think that we are in the stage of what was already complete in the spiritual realm, which is the phase of learning, experiencing, and choosing. As the angels are the ones who are the chosen lambs, and the devils are the goats. We are just going through the same cycle.

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Who is bigger, Spiritual vs. Material.

Two things I know Jesus told us after the resurrection of the dead, we will live like angels in heaven but with body. I love to think that the angels have their own purpose of leading the spiritual world governing with the Son. And we are destined to rule over the material world, with the Son. This is repeating Father’s nature, making His creation an extension of Himself, a little god, though not God but is like God. We often call angels’ “el” affix to resemble God’s adjective, as the angels are the hand and feet that exist in heaven. This is similar to what St. Teresa of Avila said, God has no body on earth, you are His body, hand, and feet. This view makes the potential glory of angels in the spiritual world. It is their love that comes from the Father that let themselves unselfishly work with the Trinity to govern a new creation behind the scene that will result in new divine participants, divinized humans.

This way, the act of creation has become selfless. The spiritual world does not exist to dominate the future creations but to subject themselves to extend the Father like the Spirit, in the actor-like of the Son, as angels are perfect love like God, by God’s grace.

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Spiritual Choice

One thing I wonder is that since the spiritual realm has a connection to our time-space as it can manifest, though not within the Time that we have, it is possible the spiritual choice of the angels and demon occurred after the creation of the world (I don’t mean the big bang, I meant, the beginning of the beginning when the enthropy=0) as they have direct access toward the world creation themselves and rejected to be God-like loving governor but to absorb the glory for themselves, then separate themselves from God. The fact that there was a possibility that a one-time choice made by the angels occurred around the time before the Spirit imbued Spiritual entity to creations that makes us human, a dual citizen.

I don’t know. I am drawn to this subject to answer whether evil occurred during the big bang or dinosaur time. Whether or not angels had not become demons before the spiritual creation of men into the material world, it opens two possibilities.

First, it gives a clue that the evil ones were not in slumber before mankind, though their time is not our time. It was the creation of men that triggered the decisive choice of spiritual participants. This way, it might also give me a thought that God’s expansions have been infinitely in existence. As opposed to consecutive progresses once an expansion has been completed, the Father intends another expansion within the established chosen participants. In this case, once we are resurrected, the creations of the current world are probably space where we will be able to happily tweak around for the sake of sharing divine happiness, eternally. Second, the Father might want to expand Himself again to a totally new world, where we could not even see right now, yet as Human, our world and our divinized being after the resurrections will be the selfless co-governors with Jesus to love a new set of beings.

However, I would say that this question might be useless for us and the whole world, and as Jesus said, the Father with His Wisdom is greater. I would think both scenarios are useless because they focus on the selfish Glory of humanity after the resurrections, rather than unifying ourselves completely with Him. I would pray that to focus on Mother Mary, the example of the lowest of all that became the greatest of all, just by focusing Her love toward God is the recipe of greatest glory, this question might even trigger sinful pride in our existence to be godlike Lucifer, to dictate how the future creations or life upon the resurrections will be.

So, I pray that no one would even try to design God’s future but to humbly subject ourselves to the current reality that God has prepared for us, the present moment. Then why did I write about this? Isn’t it dangerous? I hope readers would be willing to shift their attention to what is above, to love Jesus, and selflessly gather their throne, glory, treasures in heaven, because the infinite future is infinite by its own measure. I wish one would love Jesus more than anything, and to see everything material and success on earth is temporary and quite useless in a sense until we receive the throne from Jesus. The measure is nothing about theology, truth, or such, but only love and bringing others to love.

Disclaimer — Catholicer is a lay movement within the Catholic Church. This reflection is not meant to represent the Roman Catholic Doctrine, Theology, or Teaching. Catholicer promises unconditional obedience to the Roman Pontiff and his successors. Languages found in our articles might not be accurate both in the philosophical arena and even in English. We expect potential doctrinal errors in this article, therefore, should be used for a potential approach to Jesus, but not holding onto any information here as final Truth. We are not affiliated to any non-Catholic organizations or try to propose a non-Catholic view, if such occurrence is visible, it is due to our own reflection. We will change our articles without notices if we think it contains non-negligible errors.


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