How Faithpreneur Can Unleash Divine Causes

religious painting

In our Catholicer movement, all Faith Corporation founders are considered Faithpreneurs. What is faithpreneur? Though different organizations define it differently, we believe faithpreneur is simply a person who has a Jesus-Centered Vision and try whatever it takes to make it happen.

Impact without God is Sterile

In regular entrepreneurship, a business is to create either an impact or a financial return. On the contrary, as faithpreneurs, we believe success and finance do not follow to the afterlife, so we ask our faithpreneurs to focus on God’s love and evangelization alone. Even if one makes a Steve Jobs or Napoleon size of impacts, they might be sterile of God’s power until a Christian picks it up and offer it to the Lord, take iOS for example.

A great example would be how St. Junipero Serra, for the love of God, taught the Indians how to farm in California. He became the most prominent hero who had California evangelized and brought salvations of many.

Seek first the Kingdom of God 

Salvation and glory come from Jesus alone. His judgment focuses on Charity to others, Sacrifice of self, Obedience to Him, and wholeheartedly Loving Him. St. Therese of Lisieux wrote: “I feel my mission is soon to begin, to make others love God as I do, to teach others my ‘little way.’ I will spend my Heaven doing good upon earth. Likewise, our faithpreneurs look beyond their resurrection and glory that awaits them.”

What is the difference?

Faithpreneur is just like other entrepreneurs, but there are two significant differences. First, their ultimate goal is not success, money, product, or service. Second, their ultimate method is not about efficiency, productivity, or purpose-driven.

Both vision and execution must reflect the love of God and the love of others. Deep personal and communal prayers are required, so a preneur can peacefully proclaim in a faith corporation that “He is our God, and we are His people.”

What resources are available to assist Faithpreneurs?

  1. We usually use an abstraction laddering from early on to help faithpreneurs to focus on the big visions: To love God and to evangelize.
  2. To follow a spirituality of religious communities or saints is very important as they have been tested and bear real fruits. Without humility and obedience to God and His Church, a faithpreneur could end up wasting potential crown in the new Jerusalem, as it may end up creating just another impact, centered on vain glory.
  3. When it comes to morals, hurt, depression, and confusion, entrepreneurs often have a misconception about many things in life. Being humble to adopt St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and friends would be very helpful to attain healing quickly.
  4. When it comes to anxiety, addiction, and control, entrepreneurs often face mental or psychological issues centered around “Fear.” There are psychologists out there who could be of great help, but we also recommend befriending our unconsciousness so we can redirect all fears to Jesus & get healed without a penny.
  5. A community of faithpreneurs like ours or at least those who believe in it are instrumental because unlike a regular entrepreneurial ecosystem out there, faithpreneurship is sometimes worse than lonely and not well supported even among various Catholic circles.
  6. We also help our faithpreneurs to dig into their heart to find their natural passion. There is usually one or two significant issues in their life that have sharply influence their hearts. A good coach could help them move in the right direction.

Catholicer is an entrepreneurial ecosystem for Catholic professionals who would like to unleash their true potential for God’s sake by creating a Faith Corporation ( Catholicer is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Mountain View, California.


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