Prayer requests are spreading news, raising issues, and spreading loves.

The P2P public intentions recorded on Catholicer Beads prayer app are showing how users are seeking God, maneuvering life struggle, and the stage they are at in life. Things you could not find on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media that have developed rules, walls and distances between users. The beads app is changing the course of technology and creating a new platform of authentic hope.

Lord, hear our prayers. What billions hear every Sunday, each reflects the communication style between God and the faithful in a particular region. Nevertheless, they often reflect the idealistic hope of perfect charity and miss the real individual situation of God’s people in the community.

Do we know what our neighbors really need?

Our short-term project, Catholicer Beads app, is getting various kinds of intentions across the globe for everyone to pray for with the “Tap To Pray” button. The button delivers a promise to offer a Hail Mary, an Our Father, a Glory be, or a Lord have mercy for a particular intention. We’ve learned that most users are posting very honest intentions that contain essential life situation they are willing to share publicly. You can’t ask everyone how they are doing, but for those who are eager to open up, they found Beads to be a safe platform to do so.

From the hope of salvation of people around them, to health recovery and severe depressions. From actual economic situation to an attempt to bypass difficulties and to obtain a lottery. From interceding for the world to a deep reflection of self. One type of petitions we hope to see more is one that gives thanks or honors God without a long reason.

We were interviewed by a university professor at Springfield University and it seems like their study suggests the coming of a new frontier of hopeful digital evangelization. A subject dioceses across the world are starting to explore.

Unlike many apps and websites, the Beads app does not teach; it does not try to change others; it does not try to make money; it merely hopes to be a room of humble prayers. A room many desperately seek in response to their loneliness. A room without judgement that lets fellow sinners be with with God in Spirit.
What prayer requests do you have? Post it to Catholicer Beads!

Catholicer is a Catholic movement that builds a religious community of entrepreneurs to create social enterprises that uphold religious freedom and accommodate Catholic activities inside of the company. Catholicer Beads was a project we did to prototype a FaithTech product that manifests our Spiritual-Centered-Design concept.


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