Multilingual Prayer Rope App – Beads v.2.1

For some of you who haven’t heard about Catholicer. Catholicer is a Californian non profit organization to connect and equip the Catholic faithful throughout the world. We produced a few services & applications, such as Faithbook, Liturgia and a digital prayer “BEADS“. Catholicer also provides tech consultations, website buildings, laser scaning for any legitimate catholic entities approved by the Church.

Today, Catholicer is happily launching BEADS v.2.1 on the AppStore. Catholics can now use the complete prayer rope tools in Indonesian (catholicer team will continue to add more languages) and BEADS now allows users to have a more personalized configuration for their prayers. Those Prayer Audio VoiceSets user recorded with their own voices and submitted, if approved, will be available for all beads users to download worldwide.

Catholicer has got nothing but supports and shocked faces from lay Catholics and priests. They all testify Beads is truly the best App to pray the Rosary available on iOS right now, and it is GROWING. The demand for Beads on Android has also been very enormous. We finally got a few volunteers willing to work for the Android version. Thanks to them and glory to Jesus and Mary.

Let’s help SHARE the words to grow a prayerful community around us, and if you are in the US, contact us today to request free Catholicer Beads coasters.

Beads – your #1 digital prayer rope.
#iPrayWithBeads #catholicer #catholicApp

by Ignatius Darren Gozali – founder of catholicer


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