Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Our beloved mother Teresa is now officially a proclaimed saint

Let’s thank God and join the whole Church in the celebration the founder of Missionaries of Charity but above all as the great lover of Jesus, in the person of the poor.

To Fr Van Exem, S.J., her confessor, she reported three visions in 1947: 1.

I saw [interiorly] a very big crowd — all kinds of people — very poor and children were there also. They all had their hands lifted towards me — standing in their midst. They called out “Come, come, save us — bring us to Jesus”.

2. Again, that great crowd — I could see great sorrow and suffering in their faces — I was kneeling near Our Lady, who was facing them. I did not see her face but I heard her say “Take care of them — they are mine. Bring them to Jesus — carry Jesus to them. Fear not. Teach them to pray the Rosary — the family Rosary and all will be well. Fear not — Jesus and I will be with you and your children.

3. The same great crowd — they were covered in darkness. Yet I could see them. Our Lord on the Cross. Our Lady at a little distance from the Cross — and myself as a little child in front of her. Her left hand was on my left shoulder — and her right hand was holding my right arm. We were both facing the Cross. Our Lord said — “I have asked you [Teresa, to found the MCs]. They [the crowd] have asked you and she, My Mother, has asked you. Will you refuse to do this for Me — to take care of them, to bring them to Me?

“I thirst”, which can be found in any of the order’s chapels / churches. She heard these words and they resonated in her own heart in how much Jesus thirsts for souls.

Missionaries of Charity in Tijuana, Mexico & Canonization picture in vatican

Jesus : “I want Indian nuns, victims of my love, who would be Mary and Martha, who would be so united to me as to radiate my love on souls.”

“I want free nuns covered with the poverty of the Cross. I want obedient nuns covered with the obedience of the Cross. I want full-of-love nuns covered with the charity of the Cross.”

“She was so united with Jesus,” the missionary priest explained, “that she was able to radiate not her love, but Jesus’ love through her, and with a human expression.”

Mother : My own Jesus, what you ask it is beyond me. I can hardly understand half of the things you want. I am unworthy. I am sinful. I am weak. Go, Jesus, and find a more worthy soul, a more generous one.

Jesus : “You have become My Spouse for my love. You have come to India for Me. The thirst you had for souls brought you so far. Are you afraid now to take one more step for Your Spouse, for Me, for souls? Is your generosity grown cold? Am I a second to you? You did not die for souls. That is why you don’t care what happens to them. Your heart was never drowned in sorrow as was My Mother’s. We both gave our all for souls – and you? You are afraid that you will lose your vocation, you will become a secular, you will be wanting in perseverance. No – your vocation is to love and suffer and save souls and by taking the step you will fulfill My Heart’s desire for you. You will dress in simple Indian clothes or rather like My Mother dressed, simple and poor. Your present habit is holy because it is My symbol. Your sari will become holy because it will be My symbol.”

Mother : Give me light. Send me Thy own Spirit, which will teach me Thy own Will, which will give me strength to do the things that are pleasing to Thee. Jesus, My Jesus, don’t let me be deceived. If it is You who want this, give proof of it; if not, let it leave my soul. I trust you blindly. Will you let my soul be lost? I am so afraid, Jesus. I am so terribly afraid. Let me not be deceived. I am so afraid. This fear shows me how much I love myself. I am afraid of the suffering that will come through leading that Indian life – clothing like them, eating like them, sleeping like them, living with them and never having anything my way. How much comfort has taken possession of my heart.

Jesus : “You have been always saying, ‘Do with me whatever you wish.’ Now I want to act. Let me do it, My little Spouse, My own little one. Do not fear. I shall be with you always. You will suffer and you suffer now, but if you are my own little Spouse, the Spouse of the crucified Jesus, you will have to bear these torments in your heart. Let me act. Refuse me not. Trust me lovingly, trust me blindly.”

Mother : Jesus, my own Jesus, I am only Thine. I am so stupid. I do not know what to say, but do with me whatever you wish, as you wish, as long as you wish. I love you not for what you give, but for what You take. Jesus, why can’t I be a perfect Loreto Nun, a real victim of Your love, here? Why can’t I be like everybody else? Look at the hundreds of Loreto Nuns who have served You perfectly, who are now with you. Why can’t I walk the same path and come to you?

Jesus : “I want Indian Nuns, Missionaries of Charity, who would be my fire of love amongst the poor, the sick, the dying, and the little children. The poor I want you to bring to me and the Sisters that would offer their lives as victims of My love will bring these souls to Me. You are, I know, the most incapable person, weak and sinful, but just because you are that, I want to use you for My glory. Will Thou refuse?”

Jesus : “Little one, give me souls. Give me the souls of the poor little street children. How it hurts, if you only knew, to see these poor children soiled with sin. I long for the purity of their love. If you would only answer and bring me these souls. Draw them away from the hands of the evil one. If you only knew how many little ones fall into sin every day. There are plenty of Nuns to look after the rich and well to do people, but for my very poor, there are absolutely None. For them I long, them I love. Wilt Thou refuse?”

Let’s go and love Jesus in the poor today wherever Catholic Church you belong to.

St Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!


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