Liturgia, catholic document archive

We are proudly announcing that we’ve just released “Liturgia”, our online & mobile multilingual liturgical document archive for Catholics.
Simply open to view available liturgical documents like the current roman mass form Novus Ordo, Tridentine Mass, John Chrysostom Liturgy with your browser or iOS device. This is freely available for you to study liturgical documents or to help you attend mass in different languages or in different rites.
click here for direct link

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The Catholic Churches celebrate liturgies in various forms every day since the 12 apostles travelled throughout the Mediterranean area and many other countries to preach the Gospel of Christ. As Christian apostles, they were all worshiping God in Jewish service form but replacing the Torah with the Good news of Jesus Christ as its fulfillment and the animal sacrifice with Jesus’ sacrifice of the new covenant in the breaking of Bread, Eucharist, as the eternal and purest Sacrifice.
The Church started by apostles picked up different styles of celebrating this service most of us now call “Holy Mass” taking the influence the apostles brought them, but there was no 1 dictated form how to celebrate them. Later on, a couple more important saints also try to formalize a new form for different reasons, one of which was an attempt to act in accord to the result of ecumenical councils. Liturgy of the Mass is usually called in different names too, such as Divine Liturgy, Addai and Mari, Holy Qurbana, Divine Mysteries and so on.

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